Encoding Management Service

Your Partner

We strive to maintain simplicity. As your partner in technology, we offer a service that supports you and allows you to concentrate on your main business - the sucessful distribution of your digital products.

Acting as a link between content providers and digital retailers, we not only understand the specific sensitivities of your business, but also the need for flexibility in an industry which is developing daily and continually raising the standards.

The wealth of experience and market knowledge of our network is, naturally, also there for you to share.

We deliver for:

Retailers/aggregators/other services

Close partnership with the de_zwei_drei development team guarantees future-oriented evolution of the system driven by cutting-edge experts in the field.

For more than ten years now, EMS and de_zwei_drei, together with the Hamburg-based PHONONET, have offered solutions to ease the marketing, steering and evaluation of digital media products.

We go green! All of our servers, storage systems, air conditioning systems, work stations, etc. are climate neutrally powered by renewable energy sources from independent operators of small and medium-sized hydroelectric and wind power stations in Germany.