Encoding Management Service
1. Submission of your media assets 2. Quality assurance by data examination 3. Storage of your data 4: Encoding media formats 5: Delivery to retailers, aggregators and other services

1. Submission of your media assets

You send us your audio-, video- and/or eBook assets on Audio-CD, BetaCam or as File/s via FTP. Upon receipt these are ingested into the Encoding Management Service right away, where they will be prepared for delivery to your contracting destinations - usually within one workday.

More Information about the EMS processing chain

Detailed guidelines for submitting content are laid down in our specifications (available here as .PDF download).

EMS_Media_Submission_Audio_EN.pdf EMS_Media_Submission_Video_EN.pdf

2. Quality assurance by data examination

We treat your data as scrupulously as if it were our own. From the first reconciliation of the supplied metadata against submitted audio-/video assets up to the final sound check and clearance by the Wavealyzer, our digital stethoscope. Without approval of that quality control no audio product can pass through to delivery.

More Information about our enforcing audio quality with the Wavealyzer

3. Storage of your data

EMS stores your media data in its own dedicated data center, connected to the world via a 155MBit fibre optic line. Speedy ingestion, processing and delivery of your contents can thus be guaranteed.

Our Mediadata Management Program (MMP), your web-based logistics center, provides access to your product and insight into the current status of processing at all times.

Further information on MMP More about our data center

4. Encoding media formats

Our system produces the media format/s required for each of your contracting destinations in short order, storing the transcoded content in our data center for later iterations. Via the MMP you can have your digital goods delivered exactly to your deals' necessities. As new business relationships emerge, you can react flexibly. Your EMS is fit to adapt to any new challenge as it arises.

More about our encoding

5. Delivery to retailers, aggregators and other services

Worldwide, more than 100 destinations are connected to the EMS; setting up delivery to parties you have a deal with is feasible in short order. Getting new accounts up and running works as smoothly with EMS as living up to your deals' everyday requirements. Our 155Mbit fibre optic uplink helps ensure punctual deliveries virtually independent of volume to be transmitted. Should a scenario of 'too much at once' ever arise, we will coordinate transport on hard drive storage with you. Either way - your content will reach its destination; a statement for which we readily vouch. Review our complete list of connected shops and other destinations (PDF download).

Complete list of connected shops More on the Mediadata Management Program (MMP) Further information on our data center

Our service in 5 steps
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The Encoding Management Service (EMS) enables simple, fast and safe processing of your media data, i.e. importing, encoding and delivery of the content you specialize in, encompassing common audio and video formats, including bundles (also mixed media), longplay movies, eBooks and more. As a technology service provider we supply the framework conditions empowering you to offer your digital products in the best possible quality. Our exclusive, web-based logistics center called Mediadata Management Program (MMP) allows you to administrate your data autonomously and in real-time. You maintain control over your materials and have access to the individual stages of the processing chain at all times, up to ultimately triggering the actual delivery to destinations.

You have the privity of contract with them; we provide the logistical infrastructure, technological expertise, and valubable relationships with more than a 100 online retailers, aggregators and other services worldwide.

We are not a distributor, nor are we a retailer; consequently, we don't take shares off your revenue. For our service, you pay only once per product. As solely a service provider, we're neither in competition with you, nor your customers.

We respect your autonomy.

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