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The Encoding Management Service - EMS GmbH is a technological service provider for your digital business.

Our logistical solution for digital contents, the Encoding Management Service (EMS), enables fast and secure ripping, encoding and delivery of audio, video and eBook data to online retailers, aggregators and other services worldwide. We work with a field-proven quality management and offer the most rapid processing in the market. Day-to-day dialogue with leading players from all areas of the digital business keeps the EMS in touch with requirements and developments across all media sectors and ready to meet them at state-of-the-art level. Our clients love EMS for the high technological expertise showing in every detail. Apple lists us as Video Encoding House.

EMS GmbH is a standalone spin-off of de_zwei_drei GmbH, the key figures of which have earned a long-standing reputation for excellence, producing made-to-measure software and IT services for companies of the music and entertainment industries since 1992. As de_zwei_drei's sister company we benefit from the custom-built and top-notch quality infrastructure which the creative cell provides and maintains for us and our business partners.

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Encoding Management
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