Encoding Management Service

Quality ensurance

We handle your digital data with as much care and consideration as if it were our own. Every step of the process is excercised with great diligence and painstakingly double-checked, from initial matching of metadata against the belonging media assets through to final analysis and clearance of actual audio/video data.

By means of our Wavealyzer, each audio file is examined right after ingestion. This module screens waveforms for unexpected deviations from a plausible pattern, which the human ear would experience as 'wrong' - like white noise, skips or sudden stretches of silence. Simulating our subjective human perception, the Wavealyzer is able to pick up on a large variety of disturbances such as:

Silence Error: This occcurs when the 'Wavealyzer' detects that for more than 10 seconds the auditory threshold has been below a certain level during the playback of a track, e.g. hidden tracks or silence at the end of a track.

Noise Error: This indicates the discovery of noise, e.g. hissing, during the playback of a track. If it goes above a certain audio threshold then the track will be identified as having 'interference'.

Frame/Static Error: When skips, scratches, or similar types of damage, are identified during playback, the track is then flagged up as being digitally distorted.

Crop Error: This occurs if a track suddenly stops in the middle of playback.